Subject: [Tweeters] WA state list - a few qs
Date: Jul 13 19:15:30 2009
From: Thomas Love - tlove at

I recently downloaded the most recent checklist from WOS website. Based
on the old checklist I've been using, I was curious about a few items:

- Red-billed Tropicbird removed?

- what happened to Scaled Quail?

- European Jacksnipe removed?

- no Cordilleran Flycatcher? What's the status of this species
in SE/E Washington? Generally?

- White-eyed Vireo removed?

- I thought Northwestern Crow had been removed. Is this still
here in deference to the AOU?

- no Sedge Wren recorded in WA yet?

- no Lawrence's Goldfinch " " "?

Tom Love

tlove AT