Subject: [Tweeters] King Eider still around
Date: Jul 14 22:12:48 2009
From: Michael Hobbs - birdmarymoor at

Tweets - the female King Eider was at the STP side of the lagoon at Ocean
Shores this morning a bit before 10:00 a.m. The tide was very low, and all
of the scoters and the eider were just hanging out fairly close to shore. I
got a good look, then scanned the rest of the bay, whereupon I couldn't
relocate the eider again. Not sure where she went, but some of the scoters
started feeding around the rocks, and she might have been too.

The only shorebirds I saw out that way were LEAST and WESTERN SANDPIPERS,
though I did find one SEMIPALMATED SANPIPER in the harbor at the Hoquiam

Otherwise, a pretty quiet day of birding.

== Michael Hobbs
== Kirkland, WA
== birdmarymoor at