Subject: [Tweeters] Nisqually NWR 7/15/09
Date: Jul 15 20:44:01 2009
From: Scrubjay323 at - Scrubjay323 at


Today 13 of us walked Nisqually under sunny skies and increasingly warm
temperatures. It was pretty birdy, but not as birdy as the last couple of
weeks. And we saw way too many cowbird chicks being fed but warblers and

the day started off pretty good with an AMERICAN BITTERN at the visitor
center as well as BARN and CLIFF SWALLOWS. There were also a couple of hen
MALLARDS with ducklings on the pond but not much else around. Later we saw
a hen WOOD DUCK and 7 ducklings on the back of the pond on the way to the
twin barns. We did have several flybys by a BELTED KINGFISHER over the pond.

We managed to see several COMMON YELLOWTHROAT and YELLOW WARBLERS about, as
well as a family (clan?) of BUSHTITS and several BLACK-CAPPED CHICKADEE
and a couple of BROWN CREEPERS in the riparian area along the boardwalk.
There was a female DOWNEY WOODPECKER and a RED BREASTED SAPSUCKER in that area

Several folks saw a NORTHERN HARRIER and a RED-TAILED HAWK out over the
refuge and an OSPREY flew over the refuge as we headed out the riparian area

There is still lots of construction going on and the only water left is the
pond behind the visitor center. The Nisqually River was high and
clear...and devoid of life.

All told we saw 35 species for the day. The only mammal we saw was a
juvenile RACCOON resting on a branch inside the boardwalk between the visitor
center and the Nisqually River side.

Until next week...

Phil Kelley
scrubjay323 at
Lacey, WA

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