Subject: [Tweeters] Birding IN my house!
Date: Jul 18 21:34:23 2009
From: debsstuff at - debsstuff at

Good evening all

We were sitting in my living room looking at the pictures of the birds we took today on a trip down to Westport.? When we saw another anoying crow land on our deck.? When I went to the window to scare it away I just about ate my camera!? It was a merlin sitting on my deck with it's eyes on some little tweety birds in my back yard.? Naturally I had the memory card in the card reader and not in the camera.? By the time I figured out what we had on the deck, my husband was saying get the camera, get the camera and then the few seconds it took to get the memory card and put it back in the camera it had flown off.? The price of the camera (way too much), the price of the lens (too much) the value of having it all together when a merlin lands 3 feet from you? - PRICELESS!? Maybe next time...

D. Lewis

North Bend