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We had a pair show up outside of Othello and soon after one was killed on the Hwy and a year later we could not find the other.

Bob Flores
Ridgefield, WA
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Dennis & all,

Audubon's "Field Guide to North American Mammals" suggests that Red Fox may be expanding it's range in North America, but the attendant map indicates it is absent in the Columbia Basin. However, recent local reports indicate they are present in Pasco (north of the Columbia River) and I saw one (my first here) this spring in Two Rivers County Park south of the Columbia River.) Bad break for ground nesting birds.

Dennis Rockwell
Kennewick, WA
dennisrockwell at

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Hi, Lydia.

Red Foxes were introduced long ago into western Washington and seem to have become quite successful and widespread; I saw them in my yard when I lived in Redmond, and I have seen them at a variety of places over the years. They all seem to be the classical reddish individuals, presumably from populations in the East (although I have also read that European Red Foxes were introduced in some parts of North America). We also have native Red Foxes in the Cascades, most of which are of the blackish color morph and really magnificent animals.


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Hello Tweeties!

Not a bird question, but a mammal question: The other day while

driving in Snohomish County I came upon what appeared to be a roadkill

reddish colored fox. This was in the Fobes Hill area. Do we have

foxes in Snohomish County?


Lydia Gaebe Bishop

gizacat at

Somewhere near Snohomish, WA

Dennis Paulson
1724 NE 98 St.
Seattle, WA 98115
dennispaulson at


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