Subject: [Tweeters] Brown Creeper Nest -- 1' Off the Ground!
Date: Jul 19 19:59:02 2009
From: Joe Dlugo - browncreeper99 at

I chased down a couple of food-carrying creepers this their the BASE of a large red cedar, no more than a FOOT above the

In the last couple of years I've found dozens of creeper nests, but not one
has been lower than 12' or so. Most are 20' or more. This pair was nesting
in a very mature and diverse forest with many dead, peeled bark
trees--obvious other options of nest sites. Why they chose this site is
perplexing. Still, the kids look great (you can see them clearly from 30'
away!) and if all goes well, will fledge any day now.

Joe Dlugo
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