Subject: [Tweeters] RFI: Paralysis of feeder birds
Date: Jul 22 14:22:17 2009
From: Tyler Hicks - uplandsandpiper at

Tweeters,Hello this morning I found a female House Sparrow incapable of flight at my feeders. It appears that the left side of the bird is paralyzed as she was unable to move her wings, right leg & foot, and her tail was held in a cocked position. The bird can hardly stand but still seems capable of feeding on the spilled seed on the ground. A few hours later a second bird, this one an American Goldfinch is showing exactly the same symptoms. I was wondering if anyone has observed this in their feeder birds in the past. From my research I know a number of things can cause neurological damage including: toxicological effects (pesticides) and ticks. What I don't know is if tick induced paralysis has occurred in Washington. Can birds get palsy? Can window strike cause localized paralysis?Any help or advice would be appreciated. Cheers,Tyler

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