Subject: [Tweeters] posting a request or comment, and looking at archives
Date: Jul 22 15:10:09 2009
From: Dan Victor - dvictor06 at

On Jul 22, 2009, at 2:11 PM, william boehm wrote:

> can you help answer these two questions? i must submit to you my
> posting request first right?

No, Tweeters is an unmoderated list. Any subscriber may post at will.

> how about accessing archives. bill

Visit this web page:

Click the [Unsubscribe or edit options] button at the bottom of the

Type in your subscription email address. If you don't know your
password go to the bottom to that page and click the (Remind) button
for Mailman to email you your password.

Then armed with your password you should be able to log in to edit your
"Mail delivery" and/or visit the Tweeters archives for messages you
might have missed.


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