Subject: [Tweeters] BirdNote, last week & next, the week of July 26, 2009
Date: Jul 25 12:02:52 2009
From: Ellen Blackstone - ellen at

Hello, Tweeters!

Last week, BirdNote aired:
* Peregrine-Shorebird Interaction
* Rock Pigeons: Bobbleheads
* Killdeer - Master of Distraction
* Steller's Birds
* Towhees' Distractive Plumage
* Chuck Pettis: Whidbey Island's Earth Sanctuary
* Birds and Baseball
* The Loquacious Chat
Check out the photos accompanying next week's shows:
BirdNote is an audio program, two minutes per episode, aired on several
public radio stations. You can listen to the mp3 and read the transcript
on the website, or get it as a podcast: All
episodes are in the archives.

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