Subject: [Tweeters] Five Gull Day in the San Juans
Date: Jul 27 16:37:45 2009
From: Monika Wieland - monika.wieland at

While working a long day on the water yesterday (July 26th), I spotted
no fewer than five different gull species throughout the day.
Oftentimes, I'll only see the resident glaucous-winged gulls, but with
some migrants coming through its easier to boost that number. Five is
still a record in one day for me.

The highlight of the day was seeing my first Bonaparte's gulls of the
season, including some still in breeding plumage with black heads. Also
on the list were immature mew gulls, a western gull, and lots of
Heermann's gulls.

Good birding,
Monika Wieland
Friday Harbor, WA