Subject: [Tweeters] Once in a lifetime collection of Bird Art for Sale This
Date: Jul 29 09:04:04 2009
From: beanandrog at - beanandrog at

Dear Tweeters Community,

The personal collection of bird art from noted aviculturalist Jan van Oosten, the former director of Woodland Park Zoo, will be on sale on Saturday, August 1, from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm at 8023 17th Ave. N.E.

Many members of the Tweeters community kindly introduced themselves to me at the first sale of my father?s collection in 2005. That sale was covered in the Seattle Times. Unfortunately, I didn?t know about Tweeters before that sale and did not post, for which many of you chided me.

This is a large collection of my father's personal favorites and it represents a personal love of birds over many years. My father was an obsessive collector. The collection features oils and watercolors (some by listed artists), bookplates, lithographs, limited edition prints, sculpture and a miscellaneous collection of items featuring images of or in the shape of birds.

I?m hoping that members of the birding community attend the sale. It would make my father happy, I believe, to see these items in the hands of true believers.

I will be there at 9:00. Please introduce yourselves. No early birds, no pun intended.

If you have questions, please feel free to email me at beanandrog at and I'll answer what questions I can. There are hundreds of birds represented, though I can't really identify specific birds beyond general classifications such as 'parrots'.

Thanks to Dan for allowing me to post.

Roger van Oosten