Subject: [Tweeters] Participants needed for bird feeding study
Date: Jul 29 11:15:51 2009
From: Anastacia Shonkwiler - amshonkwiler at


The National Bird-Feeding Society is currently assisting in a
scientific study of bird seed preferences. Participants will receive
free bird feeders, bird seed, poles, and squirrel baffles. In return,
participants will be responsible for recording the number of birds
visiting each feeder for approximately six weeks. During the six weeks,
you will complete twenty-four surveys with each survey taking
approximately one hour to complete. You will also be responsible for
filling and rotating feeders based on a pre-assigned schedule.
Participants must be able to identify all species of birds visiting
their feeders, and data collection must be completed by October 31.

Interested in participating? Limited slots are available. Visit the
National Bird-Feeding Society?s website at www.nbfs.orgor call us at
1-866-945-3247 before August 12. Thank you!

Stacey Shonkwiler

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