Subject: [Tweeters] Fill on fire
Date: Jul 29 19:35:57 2009
From: Connie Sidles - constancesidles at

Hey tweets, some very bad news to report. The Fill is on fire. I don't
have too many details at the moment, but the police I talked to out
there said the fire started around 6 p.m. From what little I can tell
(not being allowed on the site yet), the fire may have started down at
East Point, near the same place where it caught fire a few years ago.
That earlier fire was started by kids with fireworks. This one, I
don't know yet. The fire fighters are still out there trying to deal
with hot spots, but it looks like most of the fire is out. One fire
fighter was injured - don't know how badly.

I'm going to head out there again in a few minutes and see if I can
get a look from the shellhouse. I hope no one else was hurt - there
were homeless people sleeping there this morning, and cigarette butts
on the trails. - Connie