Subject: [Tweeters] Fill shrike photo needed!
Date: Oct 11 16:37:09 2009
From: Eugene and Nancy Hunn - enhunn323 at

Tweets et al.,

Several of us were unable to locate the shrike at the Montlake Fill early
this afternoon.

Apparently the issue is whether it is "just" a juvenile Northern Shrike,
which is quite brownish and is to be expected about now, or the hyper-rarity
Brown Shrike (Lanius cristatus) which has occurred a few times in Alaska and
California. The Nat. Geo Guide illustrates this Asian straggler (on pg. 305
of my old 3rd edition). Note, however, that the Brown Shrike is considerably
smaller (7.5 inches) even than a Loggerhead (9 inches) and would be dwarfed
by a Northern Shrike (10 inches). It also lacks the prominent white wing
patches and the fine barring across the breast of the juvenile Northern

Gene Hunn
Lake Forest Park, WA
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Subject: [Tweeters] Fill shrike photo needed!

High tweets!

Connie (Sidles) just called (me, her 'Watson'), and said "Watson, come
here, I need you!".

Several birders are on the Shrike at the Montlake Fill ... but no-one
has a scope or a camera!

I said I'd take her the scope, but if anyone wants to take a photo of
a (presumably? probably?) first-year shrike, then look for the birders
clustered near that south-west corner of the fill ,... say (I'm
gusssing here) 75 meters south and we of the main pond? Neat what is
called "Mud Island"?

Right now it's 10:52 am on Sunday morning.

Thanks ... good birding to all ... John
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