Subject: [Tweeters] Anacortes: Trumpeter Swans; Hooded Merganser displays
Date: Nov 5 18:51:18 2011
From: Kristi Hein - khc at


I had just started into the forest at the end of our block when I heard
a distinctive mellow honking high overhead. A V of some 20 Trumpeter
Swans winging their way southeast to the Skagit farmlands. My first
sighting of this fall. I could have easily dashed back to our yard to
see and hear them from there, but with dark fast approaching, I
continued down the trail and *count them as fair to add to the yard list*.

Nearing the Big Beaver Pond I heard an odd prolonged croaking. Frogs?
When I got to the shore, I saw Hooded Mergansers: three males and a
female. The males were energetically displaying, with head bobs, heads
thrown back, and rearing out of the water. All the while making a
short-long, short-long growly croak (or croaky growl). I had never
observed this before.

It is wonderful how there is always something new to see and hear, even
in natural places you've visited hundreds of times. Always a fresh

Good birding,

Kristi Hein

Kristi Hein
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