Subject: [Tweeters] PIX --- Rusty Blackbird
Date: Nov 7 08:02:08 2011
From: Lyn Topinka - pointers at

hi all ... had a great time yesterday meeting LOTS of birders and
hanging out on the roadside at the Woodland farm trying to get decent
pix of the Rusty Blackbird ... the lighting was TERRIBLE !!!!!!!!!
... the farm was on the south side of the road and therefore we were
always looking at the bird into the sun ... or the bird was in the
shade made by the huge silage pile ... anyways, got some decent "I
was there and so was the bird" type images ...

what was really enjoyable was the fact most folks who came to see the
bird were AFTER SOMETHING !!! ... LOTS of "lifers" (me included) ...
and lots of folks going for "state bird" or "county bird" ... so
everyone went away happy ... and quite a few folks made it a "double"
with Ridgefield Refuge being so close with that gorgeous little
Vermilion Flycatcher there ...


Lyn Topinka