Subject: [Tweeters] Re: air traveling with binos
Date: Nov 7 08:52:15 2011
From: John Puschock - g_g_allin at

>Yes, Adak is small. My favorite airport moment was at that terminal (a huge
>airstrip, though, landing full-sized Alaska Air planes, as it was formerly a
>military base.) There are 2 people checking your boarding passes and your i.d.
>Then the same 2 people move about 6 ft. over to the security section and check
>your i.d. again before you go through the metal detector! Following rules to
>the nth degree, I guess...

Penny and all:

At times, I've had the complete opposite experience: on occasion, no one has asked for my ID.

But that's been when people who've known me for several years were working the counter and gate. Still, it's an odd thing.

John Puschock
Matthews Beach, Seattle
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