Subject: [Tweeters] Tenino Harlan's Hawk again
Date: Nov 18 11:47:31 2011
From: Bob Sundstrom - ixoreus at


I now have a more complete picture of the hawk I first reported to Tweeters
on 11/15 , having just seen it from the front while it perched. Underparts
are bright white, with a narrow band of blackish streaks across the middle
of the breast (compared to a broader band of streaks across the belly
typical of calurus Western Red-tails). The face shows a light-dark
contrast, with a darker eyeline and narrow malar against a lighter brown.

The bird is frequenting the tall cottonwoods and oaks and ashes along
Scatter Ck., visible from where the creek crosses Mull St. (about a mile
east of the town of Tenino). It has been perching within 100 yards of the

Good birding, Bob

Bob Sundstrom

Tenino, WA

ixoreus at