Subject: [Tweeters] Stanwood Snowys today (11/28/11) - 3
Date: Nov 29 13:14:47 2011
From: Barbara Deihl - barbdeihl at

I and quite a few others, saw some Snowys today - some mentioned 3,
others, like I saw only 2. One I saw on the dike west of Thomle Rd
and the other to the north of the end of Boe Rd (that leads to the
Port Susan Bay Preserve). Both were sitting on the side of a dike in
the grass. The Thomle owl stayed put all afternoon, until about 4:40,
when Hans Feddern and I thought we saw one fly along the dike, and
then looked to see that the one that had been next to the slanted
stump had disappeared. The Boe Rd. owl may have moved west a bit on
its dike between 3 and 4 p.m. When I last looked at it, I was looking
at a different place. As I left the Thomle site at a little after 5
p.m., I saw a very large whitish owl flying first along the dike to
the east of the dike, and then it crossed the road and headed out into
the field to the west - I think it was likely a Snowy Owl and not a
Shortear - it was too large to be an SEOW. But, no one else was
around to confirm or deny my sighting, so... When I redrove that
piece of road again, I saw another, much smaller whitish bird flying
across the road and to the west - fast wingbeats (NOT a Shortear) - it
flew laterally and didn't flop its wings. I will venture no guess on
that one, although I'm tempted to "wing it" and guess Wilson's Snipe
just for the heck of it! As I was driving, I couldn't both keep out
of the ditch and watch either flying bird - where was my spare pair of
eyes when I needed them?
Only saw SEOW flying at dusk - harriers were out in small numbers
earlier, in that area. A couple of Bald Eagles were around and some
Western Meadowlarks made an appearance when we were on Boe Rd. A
light Rough-legged Hawk and a Red-tailed Hawk perched in the area at
the end of Boe Rd. and there were thousands of Snow Geese flying
around in the vicinity of Port Susan Bay - they headed north in great
masses, along with thousands of ducks. There were 15-20 Trumpeter
Swans in a field on the right, just after you turn west onto Boe Rd.,
from and an American Kestrel was seen briefly on a power line along
Boe Rd. Golden-crowned and Song Sparrows bipped around in the
brambles and a Marsh Wren played hide-and-seek in them and the grasses
as well. An occasional Great Blue Heron was seen flying over field or
And, there were a few moments in the day when one could leave off a
layer of clothing, due to some radiant energy absorbed into our bodies
- by around 4 it was again time to layer up, and put on the hat and
gloves. Nice to see a sunset again.

For mixed photos from the afternoon/evening, the owl ones designed to
make you feel much better about your own photography, see: - and, for some superb photos of
today's Thomle Two (Snowys), check with Greg Hensen the next

time you run into him - he seems to be a regular at the Stanwood sites
and is always happy to share what he has seen or photographed, as well
as give directions to where the birds are.

'Til next time...

Barb Deihl

North Matthews Beach - NE Seattle

barbdeihl at
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