Subject: [Tweeters] Lake Tapps Birds: Trumpeter Swan,
Date: Nov 29 22:32:10 2011
From: Alan Richards - slugranch85 at

On Monday, 11/28/11, between 0730 and 0800, Ann Musche' and I observed 14
Trumpter Swans (9 ad., 5 imm.), near the western border of Lake Tapps,
Pierce co., near Sumner. We had opportunity to hear as well as see these
fine animals, including hearing a kind of short call, a type of very
melodious location 'chip'.

Later in the same day, about 1030 hrs., we saw and heard a flock of 75
White-winged Crossbills, flying directly over us several times, emitting
their distinctive 'chef-chef-chif' call (softer and more wispy than the
more usually heard 'chep-chep; chep-chep-chep' call of Red Crossbill). We
could observe white wingbars on many of the closer ones. A minute or so
later, we heard a up-inflected call, somewhat reminiscent of Pine Siskin,
from the top of a nearby conifer; which we believed to also be made by this
same species. Their flight was more direct, less looping up and down as
found in the smaller finches. They were of the size and shape we have
noted in observations of White-winged Crossbills in other locations in
earlier years.

Alan Richards & Ann Musche' / Naselle WA 98638