Subject: [Tweeters] 2 BAR-TAILED godwit WESTPORT MARINA!!!!!
Date: Sep 2 11:17:28 2011
From: Ruth Sullivan - godwit513 at

Hello Tweeters,
This is a continue report from my previous message.After looking for
something GOOD all Day I always checking the Jetty next to the Coast Guard
Station for the Marbled Godwit's.As always this big group was there roosting
in the same area as always.
There was never a time that I missed a BAR-,tailed Godwit.and sure enough
FIRST I found 1 and looking taken my time I found a second bird.What really
got me to wonder the one was easy standing direct next to a bigger Marbled
Godwit.I took over an hour when this bird woke up,I could saw the extreme
eyeline,but it took over an our to see extended gray under body to the
tail,he lifted up, trying to fly but for some reason he settled down again
tucked his head in.I stayed at the marina for 2 hours and it gotten so cold
with the wind blowing.This brings us to 4 Bar- tailed Godwit's for this

Cheers Ruth Sullivan