Subject: [Tweeters] Bottle Beach to Tokeland (Tuesday)
Date: Sep 14 12:47:28 2011
From: Paul Hicks - phicks at

Tweets, Tuesday I birded the coast, making several stops between Bottle
Beach and Tokeland. I saw many of the same birds previously reported, most
recently by Lonnie Somer over the weekend. Two highlights: 1 BAR-TAILED
GODWIT from float 21 on the USCG station property. After 1/2 hour and one
change of position, I lucked out spotting the pale vent and undertail
coverts with a few dark flecks before the bird sat back down and disappeared
into the crowd of Marbleds. 1 juvenile RUFF at Midway Beach. This bird gave
the impression it may hang around, showing no interest in leaving the area
near the pond to the south. It favored the shorter, sparser grass SSW of the
pond, where earlier I encountered a flock of 30 WIMBREL and at least 30
PECTORAL SANDPIPER. Though they were well scattered, at one time some of the
pecs formed a tight flock of 20, something I don't recall seeing before. I
spent the last three hours of daylight at Midway. All the action was
definitely south of the entrance road, except for the seeming endless stream
of shearwaters racing southward along the breakers at a 10-to-20 bird per
second clip -- but at 5:45 they suddenly vanished. At 1.5 hours before high
tide Bottle Beach was completely empty, but thanks to Keith Brady's tip I
found the BAIRD'S SANDPIPERs (3) at Half-Moon Bay at Westport's Westhaven
SP. At Graveyard Spit in Tokeland I found 1 LONG-BILLED CURLEW and several
CASPIAN TERN. Backtracking north to the first house on the left I found the
ANNA'S HUMMINGBIRD I had heard on the way in, well supplied with flowers and
a feeder. 9 WILLETs were roosting below the old pier just before entering
the marina, and a single PURPLE MARTIN sounded off overhead. 70 species for
the day. Good birding! -- Paul Hicks / Tenino / phicks AT