Subject: [Tweeters] fall at Malheur
Date: Sep 22 17:07:26 2011
From: Jerry Broadus - jbroadus at

The high water of Malheur Lake still yielding sightings. Counted 10767
birds along Hwy 205 at the Narrows Yesterday, counting only on the Malheur
Lake side and ignoring all the birds in the flooded fields on the west side
of the road, as they are outside of the refuge. Ran into Wilson Cady today,
who told me of a Sabine's gull on Ruh Red Rd.; still more sightings of
immature red-necked grebes; still juvenile Clark's grebes in all stages of
development, from riding on parents backs to full sized but immature
plumage. A ruff spent a couple of days just off the road.

Jerry Broadus