Subject: [Tweeters] Black-tailed Gull & Franklin's Gull in Tacoma this
Date: Sep 22 19:10:00 2011
From: mattxyz at - mattxyz at

Well, Blair was right --- soon after he left 'the' spot, Tina
Klein-Lebbick & I took a break to go look over at Dash Point pier for
Guy's birds. No luck there, but when we came back, Ruth Sullivan was
the only person still watching the gull flock. And sure enough, she
had pulled out the Black-tailed Gull again. Today, it was hanging out
on the far logs -- the place where the logs are several deep. We
watched as it slept for a bit then did a bit of obliging stretching
to show all the field marks.

Afterwards, on a tip from Ruth, I headed over to the end of Alexander
Dr -- Accessed by taking Taylor off Marine View Dr., then jogging
over to Alexander -- drive around the warehouse at the end, and a
large gull flock was hanging out on the empty cement. And the
Franklin's Gull was present giving great views. Also 3 Least

Good gulling!

Matt Bartels
Seattle, WA