Subject: [Tweeters] western gray squirrel localities
Date: Sep 30 08:24:24 2011
From: Dennis Paulson - dennispaulson at

Hello, tweets.

I'm interesting in getting photos of western gray squirrels, and I wonder if any of you have been to a place recently where this species was fairly common. I guess even if you saw one somewhere, I'd be interested to know where it was. W. gray squirrels, formerly locally common in the state, have declined precipitously over recent decades. There are three populations, one in southern Puget Sound, one in Klickitat County, and one in Okanogan County. They are usually associated with Garry oaks or nut orchards or ponderosa pines.

Don't be confused by eastern gray squirrels, which have much more brown coloration on them and are widespread in western WA, or eastern fox squirrels, which are much more reddish all over and scattered in eastern WA. W. gray squirrels are big and gray above, white below, with a silvery-tipped tail.


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