Subject: [Tweeters] Wylie Slough Least Flycatcher etc
Date: Jun 2 16:24:07 2014
From: Blair Bernson - blair at

Encouraged by Doug Schurman's post yesterday and his great photo (as usual), I visited Wylie Slough this morning. ? Another birder (Joe Mackie??? From Bellingham) was there so following the rule that when looking for a bird it is often best yo look first for a birder, I joined him. Very quickly we located the Leadt Flycatcher first by its continuous che-bek calling and then as it came into view.

Anyone going to look just park in the lot and yhen go over to the trees by the boat launch. ?It competes with the Pewees and Willow Flycatchers but is readily heard. ?Amazing how often it calls. ?Must use a lot of energy.

In general it was very birdy with most in song. ?Numerous Black Headed Grosbeaks, Swainson's Thrushes, Cedar Waxwings and Warblers in addition to many others. ?I heard both the kerwee and whinny call from a Sora but never caught a glimpse. ?The Least Flycatcher is indeed very photogenic.

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Blair Bernson
Edmonds, WA