Subject: [Tweeters] Red-breasted Sapsucker head color
Date: Jun 9 08:54:48 2014
From: D. Gluckman - cgluckman at

Yesterday I photographed two Red-breasted Sapsucker discharging mouthfuls of insects into a nest, 20 miles south of Pt. Townsend near Dabob Bay on the Hood Canal. The head of one (M?) was the usual bright red all over as expected for the northern race, the other's head (F?) was mottled with black, looking very much like the pictures of the southern race. In checking my various books I noticed that some (Sybley's, Audubon, etc) mention this north-south difference and others do not. Anyone else seeing the mottling this far north? I'll send an image upon request.

David Gluckman
Pt. Townsend, WA
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