Subject: [Tweeters] re: Swallow eyes, predawn flight song
Date: Jun 9 19:08:19 2014
From: Bonnie Comegys - blcomegys at

I also?was very surprised?many?years ago when awakening during the night, and going outside to check out the stars, was?mystified to hear swallows from my porch/yard?overhead in the darkness at 3am or so. ?and turned out it was apparently a regular?activity?in the spring/summer, could not imagine they were finding insects in the dark, not being bats.? so now?was looking for explanations online, and there are quite a few mentions of this activity. mostly the explanations cite courtship, and Donald Kroodsma specifically?mentions that?male Violet -Green Swallows sing in predawn flight as part of courtship, and one source says has been heard as early as 2:20am. Way earlier than any Robin.

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