Subject: [Tweeters] yard is cooking
Date: Jun 10 17:04:15 2014
From: Joseph Higbee - jvhigbee at

The last few days the birds have kept coming. Fledglings all over the place, juncos, finches, white-crowned sparrows and golden-crowned kinglets.

The MacGillivray?s Warbler returned for a photo as did the Lazuli Bunting (albeit a so-so one) and a dragonfly.

My favorite photos this past few days would be the GCKI fledgling and the puffed up American Goldfinch. at N02/

FYI; I have started a photo-a-day gallery on pbase and will try to live up to the promise for those checking in regularly. And thank you to those that do!

Joseph Higbee
Spanaway, WA
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