Subject: [Tweeters] Odd water birds in neah bay
Date: Jun 13 16:23:18 2014
From: Hope Anderson - hopea1994 at

I am at work today in neah bay watching for boats leaving the marina. There are between three and five large water birds that have me confused. Best guess is common loons. They are big. Wishing i had my scope because my binoc views are not great. They look black on back and white underneath. They have been displaying at each other and flapping their wings while on the water and showing off the white parts it seems. Originally i thought common merganser but they are definitely not those. Then considered murres but they seem to be too big. What first caught my eyewas the white chest floating offshore then all the wing waving. Any ideas? Sounds like mating common loons would be rare in wa but that is what the display makes me think is going on.
There are also some gulls, western i believe but am not sure, nesting in an old piling. They have been collecting dried seaweed for the depression in the top of the piling. It is a tough job sitting here watching birds... i mean boats. Thanks for input!
Hope Anderson, neah bay for summer
hopea1994 at

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