Subject: [Tweeters] Photos of June Birds
Date: Jun 20 14:08:59 2014
From: Blair Bernson - blair at

This has been a fabulous month of birding - and
there are still 10 more days. Aided by the WOS
Conference and trips to see wondrous rarities such
as the Indigo Bunting, Northern Parula and Alder
Flycatcher, it has been a productive reminder of
the diversity of habitat and birds in Washington
and the excellent and sharing birders who cover
the state so well. I have tried hard this year to
improve my photo collection of state birds, adding
new species and improving on old photos. June was
very helpful in that regard as of the
approximately 180 species I have seen this month,
I have been able to get photos of all but a few.
Some are ID quality only and others are somewhat
better. But all of them add enjoyment both for
the moment in the field and also for following
days as the experiences can be relived and new
wisdom garnered from reviewing the pictures.

Unfortunately I cannot include Alder Flycather in
the group since although heard and seen it was too
buried in foliage and too steadfast and distant on
private property to enable pursuit for a picture.
Some good photos have been taken (or at least
photos of some good birds). I have chosen my
favorite (not necessarily the best) 50 June Bird
photos which can be found at: if anyone is interested.


Blair Bernson