Subject: [Tweeters] Fwd: Two birding by ear questions
Date: Jun 23 12:19:26 2014
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It's a quick consensus that the WA bird is a Pac-slope flycatcher. (And in listening to recordings I agree.)

No thoughts yet on the Carolina Wren sound-alike.

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> Subject: Two birding by ear questions
> I camped at Fort Townsend on Friday night and there was a bird whose call sounded like someone whistling to get someone?s attention/hail a cab. Any thoughts what that might be? I wasn?t there long enough to track it down. Lovely pine forest.
> One of my birding buddies in Missouri just returned from a trip to Yellowstone where he heard something that sounded like the four-note call of a Carolina Wren, except that would be far out of range. Any thoughts there? Not sure of the habitat, but I could check.
> Thanks so much!
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