Subject: [Tweeters] Swans - Enumclaw Plateau
Date: Jun 24 17:38:47 2014
From: Aquila Chrysaetos - ladyhawk707 at

This morning, while trying to relocate some possible female Lazuli Buntings sighted a couple of days ago in my pasture, I was distracted by the persistent sound of a helicopter circling in the distance. While I was looking through binoculars trying to find the helicopter, five SWANS flew through my field of view in a northwesterly direction.

I had a grand view of them against a backdrop of trees, but they were too far away to identify the species. Either someone has a flock of free-flying Mute Swans or some overwintering Trumpeters stayed behind. I'd love to hear from anyone who spots them.

Yesterday while I was searching for the buntings, a Long-tailed Weasel crossed the driveway, made a short foray through the undergrowth, came back to the drive, (coming my direction now) made a few more side trips and then got to within about 10 feet of me (standing in the middle of the driveway) before it disappeared into the shrubbery.

I'm going to keep looking for those buntings because I would love to see some Sandhill Cranes or a fox. ;-)

Sandy Daniels, Enumclaw Plateau

Ladyhawk707 AT msn DOT com