Subject: [Tweeters] Attracting predators
Date: Jun 30 11:02:02 2014
From: Larry Schwitters - leschwitters at

Yes gentle tweeters this is an unusual and strange, long shot post.

There is a type of hunting where the target is carnivore predators. With European fox the sport revolves around releasing your hounds and following the yapping pack with your buddies on horseback. In the American West its more often a case of you and your scoped rifle vs Wiley Coyote. One way to lure your target into range is to make noises that a coyote will want to check out. Like rabbit distress screams. There are plastic tubes you blow into that, with practice, can make that sound. For those with deeper pockets and an interest in electronics there are the FOXPRO digital, remote controlled megaphones. Did you buy one of those but have now aged beyond killing coyotes? How about your Uncle Buck? Vaux's Happening wants your gently used electronic predator call. We've been working on constructing a concrete swift roosting tower on the highest hill in Ellensburg. This is to replace the historic old hospital roost site that was demolished last year.

If you build it they will come? Not necessarily. You have to call them in with your Foxpro, using an mp3 recording of a large flock of circling Vaux's. But we don't have a FOXPRO

See if Uncle Buck wants to get rid of his.

150 Vaux's Swifts in the Wagner roost last night.



Larry Schwitters-Issaquah
Project Coordinator
Audubon Vaux's Happening