Subject: [Tweeters] Long-tailed Mockingbird
Date: Jun 30 18:28:45 2014
From: Ann Wood - annmariewood at

How about cruise ships?
Ann Marie

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> On Jun 30, 2014, at 5:59 PM, Carol Riddell <cariddellwa at> wrote:
> Just to while a way some time after seeing this interesting bird, I went to a Northwest exotic bird web site that seems to deal mostly with parrots. It encourages those with lost birds to post to Craig's List. I have checked there for the All Seattle list (covers Pugetopolis) and see a lost African Gray Parrot from Port Orchard, a Gray Cockatiel from West Seattle, and a missing Peacock from north Tacoma. I checked the Portland listings, too. A lost parrot, parakeet, cockatiel, and found peacocks. I went back to Monday, June 23rd for both Lost & Found searches. I found no mention of a lost mockingbird. I recognize this is conclusive of nothing. It is just one investigative path pursued. Anybody have other ideas?
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