Subject: [Tweeters] Brambling Jefferson Co Port Hadlock
Date: Nov 5 13:56:39 2014
From: Paula Vanderheul - pvanderheul at

I spotted an unusual bird at my backyard feeders at 1:30 pm today. I
thought it looked like a pink-sided junco at first.
I scoped it with my Kowa seeing orange-black wings with a spot of white,
pale finch bill, grayish head, with two blackish stripe outlining from the
crown and down back neck. Orange upper chest with whitish breast. It
looks like a female winter shown in I-bird pro.

I don't know if it will be here long. It was eating black-oil sunflower

Nice yard bird! Birders are welcome to chase seeing it.

Good Birding,

Paula Vanderheul
Port Hadlock WA
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