Subject: [Tweeters] Yellow-Billed Loon at Whidbey Island
Date: Nov 8 15:49:09 2014
From: Paul Webster - paul.webster at

Whidbey Island, November 7, 2014

Hi Tweets,

Mary Anne Thorbeck joined Barbara and me for a scouting trip to Whidbey
Island yesterday. We had fine weather with scattered clouds and temps from
the mid 40s early to the low 50s. The bird of the day was a YELLOW-BILLED
LOON that Mary Anne spotted about 75 yards offshore at Libbey Beach County
Park. We also saw RED-THROATED and PACIFIC LOONS there, several MARBLED
MURRELET pairs, HARLEQUIN DUCKS in close, and had a fly-by of a dozen BLACK
TURNSTONES. In the trees behind us we found about a dozen RED CROSSBILLS.
Our list for the day was 86 species.

Good birding!

Paul Webster


paul.webster AT
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