Subject: [Tweeters] Ok. Co. N. Hawk Owl
Date: Nov 14 18:57:23 2014
From: merdave at - merdave at

Hi, all you owl lovers! A friend of mine sighted a N. Hawk Owl yesterday
up on the Brewster Flats area. This morning I found it in an orchard and
watched it for about 15 min. Directions: From Brewster, take old Hwy. 97
north. The road goes gradually uphill. In about 4 miles you will come to
a crossroads labeled: Monse River Rd., going east, and North Star Rd.,
going west. Take North Star. Approx. 2 miles down there is a large field
on the right with stacks of hay bales covered with blue tarps. The owl
was seen on one of the support poles in the orchard on the left. There
are some good side roads to drive around on: Blossom Lane and Morical make
loops between Old. 97 and North Star,as does Mountain View. Good luck
and if you find the bird let us know. Meredith Spencer, Bridgeport