Subject: [Tweeters] Gulls and Geese
Date: Apr 1 08:34:52 2016
From: Kevin Black - kevblack787 at

Hello All,

Oddest thing happened this AM. My wife and I fly out to California from PDX today to visit her family. On the way to the airport, I saw something odd in the field of the middle school across the street from our apartments in East Vancouver. There were a flock of 15-20 Canada Geese grazing on the grass. Two of the closer geese to the road had smaller gulls on their back! Likely ring-billed! The geese seem un-phased and welcoming of the gulls. The gulls seemed to be preening the geese's feathers, possible for parasites or insects. Clearly, for such gregarious characters as gulls; preening other bird species must be a self-serving behavior as none other bird species (other than a Cattle Egret) would try such a bold move!

Sincerest birding wishes,

Kevin Black
Awaiting to depart at PDX
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