Subject: [Tweeters] Southeast Arizona Trip
Date: Apr 1 17:22:53 2016
From: Rick Tyler - rhtyler at

Hello tweets,

I will be going birding in Southeast Arizona starting May 14 through May
21. Any suggestions on what I have to make sure to see? This is my
first-ever trip to the area so everything will be new to me. I have
reservations for 2 days at the Santa Rita Lodge, 2 days at the Portal
Lodge, 2 days at the Ramsey Canyon Inn and the last night in Tucson. Any
suggestions would be welcome, and feel free to email me privately.

I do have both "Finding Birds in Southeast Arizona" from Tucson Audubon,
and "A Birder's Guide to Southeast Arizona" by Richard Taylor, and am
studying them carefully. My first day there will be spent with Laurens
Halsey, a birding guide.

I am also going to southern Indiana on a business trip and will have 1 day
for birding in April, and 2 full birding days in the Southern California
desert right after that. April and May are going to be very birdy.

Thank you,

Rick Tyler
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