Subject: [Tweeters] Re: Osprey sighting .... St. Clair nest
Date: Apr 2 18:57:13 2016
From: Doug Brown - BirdBrain53 at


I have been watching an Osprey nesting pair for 5 years, here in Bellingham.
The female, aka Ma, arrived on March 31 this year. The same date as her arrival in 2015.
The male, aka Pa, arrived on April 3 last year, so we anxiously await his appearance.
Today, April 2, there was a surprising event at the nest. With Ma perched nearby, and holding a fish, two ?intruders? {Ospreys that don?t belong to the nest} landed in the nest, one after the other had left.
The first one then attacked the one on the nest. With talons locked, they tumbled through the air but managed to disengage before hitting the ground.
They both flew off. I have seen this nesting pair scream at, and chase off intruders dozens of times, but I have never seen a physical altercation between Ospreys.
Hopefully Pa will arrive tomorrow and they will reclaim and defend their nest.

This link will take you to my photo report of the 2015 nesting season where 3 young Ospreys successfully fledged.
Reports on the 2012, 2013, & 2014 nesting seasons can also be found on my site.
I?ll post photos of todays fight within the next couple days. They will be found in the Recent Photographs gallery, as I have not yet built the 2016 Osprey report page.

cheers, Douglas L. Brown