Subject: [Tweeters] Chelan birding
Date: Apr 5 19:28:03 2016
From: Tim Brennan - tsbrennan at

Hey Tweets and Inlanders,

Long day of birding that I cut a little short when I realized that I forgot to eat lunch!

Of course on an April morning in Chelan county, I'm going to start with owling! I found one of my targets (Northern Saw-whet Owl), but missed two others: northern Pygmy and Barred. While calling for Barred (after already trying at a spot for the smaller owls), I got an owl that was not a target: Spotted! I stopped calling, of course, and so did the Spottie, but it was nice to know they're still finding a niche of sorts.

I spent much of the day pushing as far as I thought reasonable up recently cleared roads. Nahahum Canyon was first, and I was able to get my first Cassin's Finch, Turkey Vulture and Wild Turkey of the year there before turning around somewhere at what is now Varied Thrush elevation.

At the Peshastin Pinnacles, I got White-throated Swifts, before heading down to the Cashmere STP, where I had three swallow species (Violet-green, Tree and Northern Rough-winged) as well as Wood Ducks.

I took the road south of Wenatchee that eventually turns into Colockum Road. Shortly after it does, I pulled over in a wide turnout and checked the sage, hoping for Vesper or Brewer's Sparrow, maybe a Sage Thrasher. I got none of the above, but did get a Prairie Falcon, and a Loggerhead Shrike (code four in Chelan). I drove ten miles or so up Colockum to add Yellow-rumped Warbler to my year-list before heading back to Wenorconfluwatcheellan Natural Park Area to find 8 billion more. I also got some (early?) Cliff Swallows and finally some Red Crossbills.

Gorgeous beautiful day, and a chance to explore some places that were just lines on a map for me before. I'll wrap up tomorrow with a half day or so more of birding.

Happy birding!

Tim Brennan

Sent from a pub in Wenatchee.