Subject: [Tweeters] Chelan birding day 2
Date: Apr 6 21:29:55 2016
From: Tim Brennan - tsbrennan at

Hey Tweets!

I spent another day birding Chelan County today, and caught a nice handful of birds, including quite a few first of year birds for me.

On Entiat Road, near Ardenvoir, I pulled over to give a listen and heard a Ruffed Grouse. I thought to myself "what are the odds, on my first stop?!", but the answer to that question was something like 60 percent by the end of the day. Lots of drumming. I drove up to Fox Creek campground before parking the car on the side of the road and walking, which did get me a few Gray Jays. Intermittent stops on the way down got me Nashville Warbler, Red-naped Sapsucker, Pileated Woodpecker, all three nuthatches, Western Bluebird, and Rufous Hummingbird.

I spent an hour or so on Oklahoma Gulch Road, just south of Chelan on Highway 97, picking up a pair of Vesper Sparrows. Lake Chelan finally gave me a couple of Gadwall, and Wapato Lake had a singing Marsh Wren at the North end (although nearly all of the other waterfowl have departed, except for Buffleheads, Coots, Mallards, and four Ruddy Ducks).

I took roads off of Apple Acres, optimistically attempting to make it up into burns from last summer, but it became private land and I had to turn around. In the process of turning around, I was blocked by a local landowner on a four wheeler, which led to a lovely half-hour conversation about birds, fire, retirement, and home ownership. He reported that he had started to see Mountain Bluebirds in the last week, and sure enough one appeared on my way down.

All in all, the year list grew by thirty birds or more in two days. I won't be back out until late May, so that will give me a lot of time to... Um... Write the February and April blog entries!

Happy Birding!

Tim Brennan
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