Subject: [Tweeters] Lewis Co. site guide for Hwy 12
Date: Apr 8 08:02:56 2016
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Hi Tweeters,

I agree with Tom. This is a very helpful guide to a county that Dave knows like the back of his hand. Wonderful job!

Lonnie Somer


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Dave - this is brilliant and in the best tradition of Washington Birder! For those who are "county listers" or just interested in seeing birds away from home, Lewis is one of the state's most challenging counties. This is an amazingly helpful and thoughtful guide complete with great photos, statistics and suggestions. How wonderful that you have made this contribution to WA birding.

With thanks, Tom Mansfield in Seattle.

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Subject: [Tweeters] Lewis Co. site guide for Hwy 12


I have written up a birding site guide for the Hwy 12 corridor here in Lewis County. Anyone interested in a copy can download it from the Washington Birder website. I hope folks will find this useful when birding here in Lewis County. I plan on more areas for Lewis County in the near future.

Here's the link:


Washington Birder - Lewis County<>
Lewis County. County Size: 2408 square miles. Lewis County Checklist. 2016 Site Guide for the US 12 corridor in Lewis County, by Dave Hayden: US 12 Lewis County Site ...

Dave Hayden

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