Subject: [Tweeters] Almost there
Date: Apr 8 20:21:58 2016
From: Tim Brennan - tsbrennan at

Hey all,

I don't mean to saturate with messages, but I did get two more blog entries complete, and am most of the way through the text of the other. It'll go up tonight.

I also remembered something that is at this point completely untimely, unless anyone is staring at a Washington state map trying to figure out where to go birding tomorrow. Ardenvoir (a delicious name for a town. Say Ardenvoir a couple times) has the swallow festival tomorrow. I haven't the slightest idea what that means, but look, there were signs, okay? It's up Entiat Valley Road south of Lake Chelan, which is an area that was hit hard by fires last year. If you really are trying to figure out where to go, drop a couple bucks in Ardenvoir, Entiat and Chelan this weekend. There's some good birds up there, and I'll have an exceptionally subpar guide to it all up by the end of the night at

Happy birding!

Tim Brennan

Sent from my couch where I've been staring at really bad pictures of ordinary birds all day.