Subject: [Tweeters] Edmonds Roundup
Date: Apr 9 09:59:10 2016
From: Carol Riddell - cariddellwa at

Hi Tweets,

Since I last posted a roundup in February, our best bird sighting has been a Rough-legged Hawk (code 5) at the Willow Creek Hatchery on March 11th. It is the third observation of this species, the first having occurred in 2013. The Green-winged Teal (Eurasian) continues in the Edmonds marsh from time to time. I am not aware of any code 4 sightings recently. Code 3 (harder to find, but usually seen annually) sightings include Ring-necked Duck and Eurasian Wigeon in the marsh, a couple of Ring-billed Gull sightings along the waterfront, both Eurasian-collared Dove and Mourning Dove at the marsh, a Peregrine Falcon yesterday cruising over the hatchery, and both Tree and Northern Rough-winged Swallows at the marsh.

Code 2 arrivals include an early March Rufous Hummingbird near Pine Ridge Park and then another yesterday at the marsh, several days of Savannah Sparrows at the marsh, and two Caspian Terns flying north along the waterfront yesterday. The tern sightings fall within the middle of the date range for first sightings over the last several years.

Both Violet-green and the occasional Barn Swallows are putting in appearances at the marsh. Peeps have not yet arrived but should be appearing within the next ten days or so. On the waterfront, Red-necked Grebes are sporting red necks and Horned Grebes are molting into alternate plumage. Brant numbers are picking up and the geese can be seen foraging along the shoreline as well as swimming further out in the Sound.

Carol Riddell
Edmonds, WA