Subject: [Tweeters] Good Sunday
Date: Apr 10 13:15:49 2016
From: Sammy Catiis - Hikersammy at

It sure is Spring and the Annas have really enjoyed the Cattail heads for fluff. That has worked out better than expected. I can't wait for the other birds to enjoy. This is a great replacement from the Pyrenees fluff I had for years naturally. (Pyrenees a dog breed as large as a Saint Bernard with even thicker hair. )

I decided I would journal just a bit.. however I still don't have my warblers back. I had everything last year, but it was in May, so I'm still holding out.

So, past two days.. Momma has been calling and calling and calling for her 'lost' crew.. today they arrived.. 30 of them. YEP From a single Female to 30 Evening Grosebeaks. Welcome back.. [&#X1f603] Glad. Maybe she was a 'finder' ahead of the pack..looking for food [&#X1f603]

Golden Crowned and White Crowned along with Song Sparrows.. all singing their love songs.

Purple & House Finches.. doing their love rituals.

Pine Siskins.. not in great numbers yet.. but are there.

Robins.. LOVE listening to the Robins.

Woodpeckers and Sapsuckers.. TONS and one too many. One has pecked 12 holes on the side of my house [&#X1f612] . I have to go out and shoo him off every 5 minutes. ONLY one corner of the house too.. I will need to remedy this quickly. It's the Sapsucker that's doing that.. the Downy and Hairy Woodpeckers are keeping to the many trees and Suet. Pileated just flying past.. they are a constant when the fruit is ripe.. then look out below.

Junco's and Chickadee's and Towhee's are plentiful.

Absent still are the Warblers?, my always reliable Nuthatches? Creeper? and Kinglets.. although I hear the kinglets.. and my playful Bushtits. Waiting for my Flycatchers too. I suppose I'm just a worried mom at this point.. I know they will be by to visit soon.. and probably have been, I just haven't seen them.

The RedTail hawks never go away, but have been hunting the pasture this past week.. sticking around close, I imagine they are feeding little ones. A Turkey Vulture and a Bald Eagle flew past, and the Red Tail didn't even chase off. I suppose they recognized them as 'just passing by'.

The Great Horned Owl I haven't heard for 3 weeks. I'm wondering now if the nest that fell, was thiers. It was an old Red Tail nest.. and I never did find where either nest was.. until that one came down. I suppose with the Red Tails continuing their pattern, and no owl, it might have belonged to the owl.

Wrens are singing in the woods and the flowers on the fruit trees are in full bloom, being enjoyed by all the birds.. It's amazing to see and hear them all. I never really have to leave home.

OH, I can't leave out my Stellar Jays.. I even recognize some by behavior of the fledglings of this last year. Each year, I seem to add the kids and they stay.. so my yard is almost always full of these loud birds... and I don't mind.

One last thing.. the Hairy hovering at times.. challenging a Starling.. has been persistent. Always the same two.. I always manage to just shoo off the Starling, but when I just watch, the Woodpecker always wins the rights to the Suet [&#X1f603] YAY

Good Birding, starts at home..


Rural Snohomish County

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