Subject: [Tweeters] Early Black-throated Gray at Fairhaven Park
Date: Apr 10 16:00:17 2016
From: Adam Crutcher - acrut44 at

Hello all,

I had a great day at Fairhaven Park in Bellingham today with most birds
showing up in large numbers. I think the cloudy weather helped with the
birds staying active longer. Here are the highlights:

Cackling Goose- Flyover flock out of sight but at least 5 birds. New patch
Osprey- Flyover at the start. New patch bird.
All 5 westside woodpeckers including very active Pileated pair.
Tree Swallow- Lone bird away from Violet-green flock.
Good warbler day including 2 male Black-throated Gray mixed in with
chickadee and kinglet flock and 8 Orange-crowneds singing seemingly
Fox and Golden-crowned Sparrows singing
Purple Finch- 8 birds all over area including male and female chasing each
other in low brush

For the day i ended up with 46 species and 3 new birds for the patch.

I also walked down to Padden lagoon and on the way had merlin, coopers hawk
and saw the heronry doing quite well. Good birds at the lagoon included
Greater Yellowlegs, Barrow's Goldeneye, Long-tailed Duck and White-winged

Fairhaven Park list:
Padden Lagoon List:

Adam Crutcher
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