Subject: [Tweeters] 3 Eagles and a "RAPTOR" ? Swainsons? / Caryn / Wedgwood
Date: Apr 10 16:16:15 2016
From: Caryn Schutzler - bluedarner1 at

Tweeters -

Just heard eagles outside and saw 3 B. eagles circling higher and higher on the thermals. (Same 3 we saw last week Larry? ;-)

Then another raptor came in and did some maneuvering (not in the group of the eagles) but like it was hunting did some cool wing moves (not a peregrine - much bigger) and not a red tail then it stopped (no flapping) ...this raptoring is harder than I thought!
Leading edge of wings light / dark rear edge. Between an adult and juvie light Swainsons. Could it be? No distinct stripes on tail but full flair tail. (Hmmm trying to remember all those notes I tried to take in Bud's class!)

This is my test before going to Yakima! I'm getting my Jerry Ligouri book out.

Either way, it was cool raptoring from my front porch!

Caryn / Wedgwood