Subject: [Tweeters] Sanderlings
Date: Apr 10 17:20:14 2016
From: Philip Dickinson - pdickins at

There were about 20 Sanderlings at the north end of Edmonds Marina Park at
the edge of the jetty this morning (included photos with my ebird list).
Other birds included at least 250 Brants, with 97 on the shoreline at
Marina Park and the rest off of Brackett Landing, and 6 Harlequin Ducks on
the log at the underwater park.

At Tulalip Bay this afternoon, I found two Black-bellied Plovers, one with
a black belly, about 110 Dunlin, many in or near breeding plumage, and a
Caspian Tern sitting among some gulls. There also were at least 12 eagles,
with 10 along the water line at low tide.

Phil Dickinson
Lake Stevens
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